Re: miracle? or What?

From: ddtmm (
Wed Oct 13 16:30:38 1999

Hi Chris I am so upset with doctors right now. Yes I have tried to get help from endo specilists, they either are not seeing new patients or they dont take my insurance and want alot of money up front. My pain doctor just told me yesterday that he cant do anymore for me either and that I need to find a primary care doctor because he is not even going to refill my perscriptions any more. So here I am out in the cold and on my own once again. I do not have even a idea about were to go now. What kind of a doctor do I see now? What kind of a doctor can find out if the problem is something other than what they have thought it was all this time? I would be glad to hear any ideas you or any others have about what to do next. Thanks Denise

> At Tue, 12 Oct 1999, ddtmm wrote:
> Hi Denise:
> There are two things I'd like to comment on about your post. First,
> since you had endo, the possibility exists that you still have endo,
> even though it looks negative at surgery. Have you thought of
> consulting an endo specialist, such as the Center in Atlanta? I believe
> they will do a free consultation by mail to advise you. I would think
> that your gyn docs would suggest something like Lupron to test this
> possibility.
> There is also the chance that your pain is not caused by adhesions/endo
> and never was, even though you had relief of pain after surgery. I know
> this sounds crazy but it is a possibility. There are many different
> situations that can cause pelvic pain-back problems, nerve entrapments,
> muscle syndromes. There is (or was, haven't checked lately) an
> excellent article on the ob-gyn website about the causes of pelvic pain
> and it includes many of these sources.
> Chris S.

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