Reply to Chris - Choices we make

From: Marilyn (
Wed Oct 13 12:09:56 1999

Hi Chris: My new doc is strictly a gastroenterologist, as was the old one that I miss so much. True, that GI's don't do the surgery, but they do work closely with surgeons all the time, and assist at surgery involving their patients. Although this new doc was very abrupt and businesslike, and I didn't care for his "bedside manner", I think he was giving me his honest opinion.

I've lived a long time (I'm an old grandma) and have had many operations, plus have gone through countless surgeries with loved ones and friends. I feel that as soon as you go to see a SURGEON, you are most likely going to be scheduled for something! I'm not critisizing or knocking them---just that that is their specialty, and they are trained to believe that cutting out what bothers you, is the only way to fly.

When I asked the doctor about the adhesions, I was not hoping for more surgery. On the contrary---- I really just needed to talk about my recent problems, and maybe get some reassurance that he was there for me, as my old doctor had been, in the case of emergency.

The truth is, most of the people who post here, have had lapo's or more, in hopes of correcting adhesions. Unfortunately, they are not cured, and are sometimes worse. Consequently, if I can possibly manage my adhesions on my own, with the help of medication (when things get tough) or learn certain things to do or not to do when I feel a problem coming on---I would rather do that than to risk more surgery. But I admire you, and others, who have the guts (no pun intended!) to go ahead and take chances with yet another surgery.

The bottom line is---each individual has to make the right decision for themselves. What might be right for me, would not be right for you, etc. We all want our quality of life to be as high as possible---with no pain or discomfort if it can be achieved. If you believe it CAN be achieved, then you should go for it!


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