Maybe I am in the wrong place

From: Peggy (
Tue Oct 5 11:55:10 1999

I am beginning to think that I may be in the wrong place.I feel that I should go find a support group instead of a forum.Although I have benefited from the support from most of the people on here.But I do not agree with some of the issues that are being discussed.Right now I am feeling very disappointed with the way the forum is going so I guess I will stay away for a little while.Good Luck to all I hope you can find peace and happiness with what you are going through. It does sadden me that I will not correspond with some of you,But this is my choice.I just can't suppot what Igor has posted and so o:k I guess I am closed mind .But this is the way I feel."FRIENDS THAT STICK TOGETHER" PEGGY

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