Re: Negativity

From: randy and gloria mcdonald (
Tue Oct 5 10:08:34 1999

I benefit from all opinions. I don't necessarily agree with everything Igor has written, but it makes me think and thinking can never be bad in my opinion.

The thing that I have gotten out of Igor's posts is that it is important to keep a positive attitude and to not sit around feeling sorry for urselves -- that attitude plays a large role in healing. I also think it is easy to fall into a trap of being sure we have found the answer to all our problems by saying everything is caused by adhesions. This may or may not be true.

I do hope that Igor keeps posting. He is thought provoking and that is what I want to get from this forum. Let's not become closed minded. Lets welcome ALL opinions. Each of us have something to offer. Also, I definitely want to hear from the people who have been successful in overcoming adhesion problems. If this is only a forum for those who are suffering, then I think it becomes very bleak.

Just my humble opinion.


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