Re: Maybe I am in the wrong place

From: Christine M. Smith (
Tue Oct 5 12:26:42 1999

At Tue, 5 Oct 1999, Peggy wrote: >
>I am beginning to think that I may be in the wrong place.I feel that I
>should go find a support group instead of a forum.Although I have
>benefited from the support from most of the people on here.But I do not
>agree with some of the issues that are being discussed.Right now I am
>feeling very disappointed with the way the forum is going so I guess I
>will stay away for a little while.Good Luck to all I hope you can find
>peace and happiness with what you are going through. It does sadden me
>that I will not correspond with some of you,But this is my choice.I just
>can't suppot what Igor has posted and so o:k I guess I am closed mind
>.But this is the way I feel."FRIENDS THAT STICK TOGETHER" PEGGY

Hi Peggy: I hope you think about it for awhile and do not stay away from the forum. I know you will receive an avalanche of responses urging you not to leave. You have been very faithful and so I think it would be sad for you to leave. I don't understand why what Igor has posted bothers you so much. If you don't believe it, then what does it matter what he says? If it raises doubts in your mind that perhaps the approach you are taking is wrong (and I'm NOT saying it is, I'm just trying to figure out why Igor is so upsetting to you) then isn't that a good thing? It could help clarify your thoughts about your problem. As the last post says, anything that causes you to think can't be bad. As I said, you have to keep in mind that Igor does not have full command of English. Those fluent in a language have a way of wording something that has less of a tendency to offend in controversial matters ( I realize this is easier to do in some languages than others), although this can be tricky even in fluent speakers! And as Beverly pointed out, there are the cultural differences as well. I can't understand why you are so upset and I think you should think about the reasons. Obviously you have gotten a lot out of the forum, why let this spoil it for you? And as I said before, the forum would surely miss you. I hope you will think about it.

Chris S.

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