From: Peggy (
Tue Oct 5 09:15:51 1999

Some posts that I read have quite a bit of negativity in them.And my personal opinion is that on a forum we are suppose to be supportive,Not try to bring people down with negative comments.I am trying to have an open mind and except what other people comment about, but I have to say that Igor's post was very negative.I asked my husband to read it and his opinion was, that what Igor had written was all negative comments also.Again this is my personal opinion but I wonder why if Igor is cured of his problems with adhesions then why is he here? Yes some people did ask him what brought him to the point that he is at as far as not suffering but I don't think they expected the kind of responce that was given.I come to this forum looking for support and understanding.And sharing My experiences and looking for help.I took Igor's post as telling us to go it alone,Don't read the newapapers,Don't watch television,Don't search the web, Stay away from medical professions.In other words suffer and suffer in silence.This is the way that I percieved his post.Am I wrong in thinking this or do others feel the same way?"FRIENDS THAT STICK TOGETHER" PEGGY

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