Back Again

From: Christine M. Smith (
Tue Oct 5 08:34:17 1999

Hi everyone: I just got back from vacation and checked in on the forum and was surprised to see that Igor found it! I had heard from Igor privately awhile back, in response to either a post I made on a GI forum or a crohn's forum, not sure which. After a few e-mails I never heard from him again. I have found Igor's posts and the responses to them interesting. First, I would like to say that you have to keep in mind that there is something lost in the translation. Not having a complete command of a language, especially written where there are no body clues, can cause misunderstandings. That's easy to do as it is, even when both parties are using their native language! Some of what Igor has said I disagree strongly with. For example, his statement that all adhesion sufferers have liver failure. This is just not true. Everyone has already heard many times on this forum that some people have adhesions (found at an unrelated surgery) that have caused them no trouble at all. Now, someone might say the adhesions caused the trouble that caused them to have the second operation that discovered the adhesions. This is very debatable. Another thing I disagree with is Igor's suggestion that in old times people were cured by going off by themselves and communing with God/nature.I'm sure some people are cured doing this, I also wonder how many die doing it also. It is known that sick animals do this to die! I guess they don't have a positive attitude! The thing I found most amazing was, even with his decreased proficiency in English, that Igor picked up on the same thing I did, that there appears to be closed minds on this forum. This is not intended to offend anyone, rather to make people think. The forum really should be able to be more than just a source of hugs. If that is all it is, then it is missing out on a lot of participants, because many people are looking for more than hugs. (I also disagree with Igor when he says not to surround yourself with negative comments. Negative could turn out to be positive if you think about it) (I don't know if I am getting this out right so that my intent comes across. Even as a native speaker, this is difficult. Igor, please do not be offended when I comment on your abilities. The fact that you are able to participate in another language is more than I could do. I even get into trouble with my own language!) This is the same impression that I received when I insisted on posting that perhaps adhesions were not totally (or at all!) responsible for my pain problem. Granted this is an adhesion forum, but there is the possibility that someone has reached the forum who thinks adhesions are their problem but may not be. I felt like I was talking to a wall! It seems that everyone has their problem figured out, they have adhesions in this place and they are causing this type or that type of pain. Yet when I posted my experiences about the lack of/contradictory correlation between my pain and findings at surgery, etc. there was very little interest. This wasn't just an opinion I had, but actual findings at surgery along with subjective descriptions of pain, yet no one seemed to think it could possibly apply in their case! Someone has told me that she takes what she finds useful and disregards the rest. Well, I believe this can be detrimental. It was only when I started listening to other opinions (other than the one I already had) that I started to improve. I was floored when I went to a colo-rectal surgeon and he told me my problem was *probably* sacroiliac inflammation! Instead of thinking,"Oh great, here is another professional telling me that adhesions don't cause pain", I thought, "Do you think...." So I stopped the very intensive fitness program that I had begun (exercise is supposed to be good for you) and my pain decreased tremendously. I was also amazed that spine/hip problems can refer so much pain to the pelvis/abdomen. If I am right about my case (and maybe I'm not) then pelvic/abdominal pain was ALL they caused for two full years! I do believe there is a lot of sharing of information on this forum, what works for pain relief etc. etc. and that is great, but there seems to be a line that you don't cross and that is to question the diagnosis. This may be okay in cases where a diagnosis is certain, but that is not the case with adhesions. This is probably the reason for the controversy abong the medical profession concerning adhesions. Instead of discussion, (on this forum) there is silence. There has been a suggestion that my problem is really endometriosis. While that person has not changed my mind that endo is not my problem I have discussed it in depth. In other words, I think I practice what I am preaching. Although I found traveling across time zones exhausting I did very well. I did a ton of walking, often carrying an overloaded shoulder tote, without an increase in pain. This made me question the SI business, because you would think so much walking might cause increased pain, but I don't think walking is considered high impact. I found it interesting that I had very little abdominal/pelvic pain and wonder if this could be due to the low fiber (and high fat!) diet I ate for 2 weeks. Or was it the celebrex I took for about 6 weeks before I left? Well, as I heard all the time for hte last two weeks, Cheers everyone. (seems to be a general greeting, hello, goodbye, thank you, whatever is appropriate.)

Chris S.

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