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From: Christine M. Smith (
Sat Sep 11 23:26:15 1999

At Sat, 11 Sep 1999, Ginny King wrote: >
>Hey Chris,
>I don't have any advice. I have only experienced hot flashes through
>Lupron, but that was enough to tell me that I will seek out help when
>the real thing comes. Some people I work with swear they have been
>helped by soy products. I wonder if it works like other "herbal"
>remedies and if you would have to consume a lot of it to make it work.
>Sorry I'm no help, but wanted to let you know I'm sorry you have another
>problem to deal with. Ginny

Hi Ginny: This was a surprise. I am assuming it is the "real thing". They just happened to start after I started the celebrex and my pcp thought it was the drug. But I still have them and I stopped the drug Sept 1st. (because of the mouth ulcer)i don't think he took me very seriously but he will hear from me again when I get back. The thing that scares me is that I have read that hot flashes can start in the "perimenopause" period. I don't think they will treat you with estrogen before the FSH documents true menopause so I am wondering how long you can have hot flashes before the FSH rises. I might try some of the herbal remedies when I get back-black cohosh, etc. but eventually will want estrogen because of the cardiovascular and bone protection, especially the cardiovascular. At my last office visit, my pcp said that crohn's was a possibility, although he felt it was less likely without the (obvious) intestinal problems. He was leaning towards behcet's (which I understand can be confused with crohn's when either presents in a milder version) So this is something that has to be looked at when I get back. I didn't need a new problem. They are just like the Lupron hot flashes. Actually I think these are worse. I don't remember waking up at night with the Lupron. And with the Lupron I knew there was an end to it. (at least I believed there would be) Once when I was going for an injection an older office nurse asked me how I was dealing with the hot flashes. She told me that she had them for 5 years and her mother insisted she never had one. > I hope you are feeling better soon.

Chris S.

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