Re: Chris,Re: Ginny

From: Christine M. Smith (
Sat Sep 11 23:10:45 1999

At Sat, 11 Sep 1999, Ginny King wrote: >
>Thanks for the post. Actually, I have been sick and have been out of
>the office a lot this week. I started having a new pain on and off
>since last Saturday in the upper left quadrant with referal pain to my
>shoulder as well as fever. It feels like the same pain you have after a
>lap and they leave the air in your pelvic cavity. Anyway, it got so bad
>yesterday that my GI sent me to the ER and requested they do a CT scan
>to make sure I did not have a small perforation. The ER doc immidiately
>said "we can't do much for chronic pain", gave me some darvocet and sent
>me home. I guess if it was truly an emergency I would really be sick by
>now, but I was surprised that the ER doc over-ruled the orders given by
>my GI. She does not know this happened because she is not on call this
>weekend and I can't talk to her until Monday. Anyway, the pain is some
>better and seems to not be so bad if I don't eat. I've really been down
>this week and can't seem to shake the blue mood. I hope you are doing
>well. I'll try to catch up on the posts to see how everyone is. Thanks.
>At Fri, 10 Sep 1999, Christine M. Smith wrote:
>>Hi Ginny:
>>You haven't been around in awhile. Either you must be feeling better
>>and making up for lost time or you are very sick. I wrote you an
>>e-mail, either to your home or your work address, not sure which, but
>>never heard back. Are you okay?
>>Chris S.

Hi Ginny: I'm sorry to read that you have a new problem too. Yes, that is weird that the ER doctor overruled your attending physician. I am interested to know what she says about that. I'm leaving Monday afternoon but I will remember to ask you when I get back. I hope this new problem clears up soon.

Chris S.

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