From: Peggy (
Sun Sep 12 07:53:32 1999

Hi Ginny,Sorry to hear that you are feeling so blue.I am also very surprised that the E R Dr. did not do the ct scan. Did you have a prescription for it? I wouldn't think that your G I Dr. would be too happy with this situation. Even though she is not on call there should be a way that you could get in touch with her to let her know what happened. I would call the answering service and explain what happened and tell them that you really need to speak with your Dr.,Then if they say it is impossible I would make sure that your Dr. knew this also.I hope you are feeling a little brighter today ,I am sending you a hug and a :} I am worried about you and hope that things get better real soon."FRIENDS THAT STICK TOGETHER" PEGGY

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