Re: Any advice???

From: Peggy (
Sun Sep 12 08:40:36 1999

At Sat, 11 Sep 1999, teresa hunt wrote: >
>Here goes...I'll give you a brief run down so you'll know history. 80 first
>vaginal birth, 82 laproscopy diagnostic & DNC, 85 tubal after vaginal birth,
>93 appendectomy 3 weeks later diagnostic laproscopy, 96 rolling ball
>endemetrial ablation after 6 months of bleeding, 97 both tubes removed fluid
>build up, Feb 98 right ovary removed STUCK to my pelvic bone, after 6 months
>of "unexplained"((I suggested adhesions from the start)) pain and 5 pcp's
>and 5 specialist (my gyn and the last one that finally diagnosed adhesions
>and removed them, a GI, 2 general surgeons, one of which said pulled muscle
>in the beginning of pain after the other gave me a cortisone IN my abdomen
>Worse pain than surgery without prescribing any pain meds). On August 18th I
>had 8 adhesions cut they were way up in my abdomen almost to my ribcage, so
>no barrier was used. Yet they were attached to my small intestine and
>colon. Now I'm having the same pain as when the adhesion first started this
>year. I went for my post-op check up Thursday and was told that he didn't
>what was causing my pelvic pain most likely muscular-skeletal. He never
>check the 3 port he made, one of which got infected and he sent me to a
>local doctor who put me on 500mg Keflex. He gave me Robaxin 750mg and said
>if they didn't help I needed to see a neurosurgeon and maybe physical
>therapy. The present adhesion pain is like it started after surgery in Feb
>this year, not bad yet but the same. He told me before surgery if it came
>back I needed to try pain management and I agreed after I heard how it
>helped people on here. I am lost and don't where else to turn I traveled
>100 miles to find a doctor who even believed I had adhesions in the first
>place. I know I not crazy, but it sure is hard to accept sometime. I start
>back to work Monday and I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep it up the
>Robaxin isn't helping with the pelvic pain.
>ANY ADVICE???? I'm think I am going crazy, but I know better.
>Teresa Hunt

Hi Teresa, you have been through the mill and back again. No you are not crazy, your story is a lot like several of us on this forum. What state do you live in ? You had your last surgery on August 18th and went in for you post-op this past Thursday? Did you ask him to check the port holes ?Not that you should, He should have checked them right away seeing that you had an infection in one.And why did he send you to a different Dr. for that problem? I would think that he should have been capable of taking care of this himself.THe Dr. that did this last surgey,was he a gyn or a surgeon? The only advice that I can give you right now is too try and find a different Dr. but if it took you going 100 miles to find this one to recognize that adhesions are a problem I really don't know what to tell you.Except,know that you are not alone .We are all here on this forum for the same reason."ADHESIONS" and we are a very supportive group and can help you with emotion support. Please hang in there and let me know where you are from. "FRIENDS THAT STICK TOGETHER" PEGGY

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