Re: Zoladex-desperately need info

From: Ginny King (
Wed Sep 1 17:59:59 1999

Hi Sharonda'

I don't know anything about Zoladex. I did take Lupron injections for six months. I personally had a tough time with the side effects but others have had success. I suffered with migraine headaches for the first time while on the drug along with bone pain and severe hot flashes. Another lady on the forum mentioned that they now can do estrogen replacement therapy which I would think would minimize some of the side effects. I forgot to ask her, but one thing I wonder is if the estrogen replacement would in any way reduce the effectiveness of the Lupron since part of the reason it works on endo is by depriving the body of estrogen. I would think they would not prescibe it if it did not work. Anyway, sorry I'm not much help. I do feel that Lupron needs to be considered carefully before taking it. Maybe the Zoladex has fewer side effects? Take care. Ginny

At Tue, 31 Aug 1999, Sharonda Moore wrote: >
>I searched the messages but didn't find any previous info on this drug.
>I swore that I would not take lupron or any other drug like it but
>desperation can make a liar out of you. I have pain generally every
>day. Two weeks before my cycle, I start having cramps. Even with
>narcotics I can barely manage the pain. I have had two laps.
>My two choices are a laparotomy (would be a waste to just have a scope
>plus I have adhesions) or take a hormone. I need to make a definite
>decision because I am SICK and TIRED of this interfering with my future
>If anyone has either info or personal experience with Zoladex, please,
>please respond. I would especially like to hear from ladies that have
>had lupron and zoladex.
>Feel free to email me privately.

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