Re: Saw the surgeon today regarding adhesions-Ginny

From: Ginny King (
Wed Sep 1 17:50:16 1999

>Hi Ginny:
>I guess that makes your right sided problem a bit different than mine- I
>only have very slight tenderness when the right lower quadrant is
>pressed. This has baffled the doctors. I describe it as when they
>press they are pressing against something which is then pressing against
>something else way deep in my pelvis. So I feel slight tenderness way
>inthe background somewhere. This makes me wonder if they are causing
>pressure against my spine when they do this. The odd thing is that it
>was my right side where my colon was attached to the pelvic wall. But I
>really don't think this is the problem as it has probably been attached
>that way for 20 years.
>You may not have to give up tennis forever-I was just suggesting it as a
>way to see if your pain improves. My experience was dramatic and it was
>only then that I began to think of the possibility of other things
>causing the pain. But I would think that if you have the problem with
>your spine that you know about it would be affected by any jarring type
>of exercise. (unlike swimming)
>For the burning in your mouth, have you tried an SLS-free toothpaste?
>THere is evidence that some people have any allergy to Sodium lauryl
>sulfate-an ingredient used in virtually every toothpaste on the market
>as a foaming agent. Rembrandt makes an SLS free product. However, in
>my area of the country they have stopped carrying it. I could order
>from the manufacturerbut I get by on the supermarket brand of baking
>soda toothpaste. The SLS products are expensive and have a very strange
>feel to them-they don't foam! It kind of feels like brushing with
>spearmint gum. But you might find an improvement with your mouth
>problem. Most toothpastes-cooling gel, tartar control, etc. are way
>too strong in general for anyone with mouth sensitivy but apparently an
>allergy to the SLS is also common.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the advice on the toothpaste. I'll look for it when I go to the store. I understand what you mean about tennis. What I can't figure out is why I don't have pain all the time when I play. Maybe something injures my back during play and other times I don't. Step aerobics on the other hand always causes me problems and so I have modified my workout routine. I wish I had access to a pool as that is something I love to do and I know would be much easier on my spine. It does sound like our pain is a bit different as mine is specific to a certain area. The only time I really had refered type pain was when they did the sig. During the test the pain was unbelievable and located itself in the right side. I thought he was tearing my intestines out and I will never have that test done again unless they can sedate me for it. I guess with the Crohn's though they will periodically do a colonoscopy instead, which while the prep was bad, I tolerate the test pretty well. I wouldn't rule out Crohn's for you though just because the pain is different because as you know you could have the inflammation anywhere, maybe just not as close to the surface. I don't know, but you sure have a lot of the other symtoms that sound like something more is going on than ahesions and your back. Best wishes. Ginny

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