Re: Zoladex-desperately need info

From: Ginny King (
Wed Sep 1 18:04:03 1999

Hi Again.

I did look up Zoladex and it seems to work in the same way as Lupron by surpressing estrogen and creating a post menapausal state. The side effect listed are similar to Lupron... hot flashes, headaches, bone pain, breast changes and depression. I have not taken it so I don't know anything about it personally, but wanted to share what I found. Good luck. Ginny

At Tue, 31 Aug 1999, Sharonda Moore wrote: >
>I searched the messages but didn't find any previous info on this drug.
>I swore that I would not take lupron or any other drug like it but
>desperation can make a liar out of you. I have pain generally every
>day. Two weeks before my cycle, I start having cramps. Even with
>narcotics I can barely manage the pain. I have had two laps.
>My two choices are a laparotomy (would be a waste to just have a scope
>plus I have adhesions) or take a hormone. I need to make a definite
>decision because I am SICK and TIRED of this interfering with my future
>If anyone has either info or personal experience with Zoladex, please,
>please respond. I would especially like to hear from ladies that have
>had lupron and zoladex.
>Feel free to email me privately.

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