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Thu Jun 24 11:51:44 1999

At Wed, 23 Jun 1999, Donna and Pete Reenstra wrote: >
>At Wed, 23 Jun 1999, Ginny King wrote:
>>Thank you for taking the time with such a complete response to my
>>questions. To be honest, I am in a very depressed state at this time as
>>I can't seem to get any answers from my doctors and am in "referal"
>>limbo. Gyn won't do anything until GI does more test (they could not
>>schedule these until the end of July) GI won't acknowledge that
>>adhesions can be a part of my pain because of intestinal bleeding and
>>PCP is in the middle with a wait and see attitude. I am confused since
>>I have such a history of adhesions as to why everyone seems so reluctant
>>to discuss them ie. the possibly stupid questions about alternative
>>therapy's to help deal with the pain (none of my doctor's have even
>>suggested a pain management program at this point) While I wait for yet
>>another test I feel the need to be proactive in learning "everything" I
>>can that others have been through (success and failures) and part of my
>>education process is this forum. At this point, I am not in control of
>>managing my pain as I do not have the help yet from the medical
>>profession. Thank you again for your response. Ginny
>>Ginny King
>Donna told me that her naturopath/homeopath has suggested massage for
>Donna's abdomin. Obviously if you are in pain already the massuese
>would have to be gentle and slow. Donna had a massage on Sunday and
>said it felt good - it did not increase any pain. Let me tell you that
>since going to the naturalist(?) (I'm having trouble keeping the title
>straight), last Saturday, Donna has had 5 days in a row of feeling
>pretty good, going on 6. That is compaired to 2 or 3 days before. She
>is having some burning discomfort right now, but nothing compared to the
>regular pain. So far, we are believers! Hopefully, this will continue,
>but we, and I know you also realize that we're not out of the woods yet.
>Find a good homeopath and make an appointment. The bad news is that
>insurance may not cover it - we don't know about our own coverage, but
>are willing to spend the money if it means relief. It can get expensive
>with the vitamins, herbs and other tests they recommend.
>A point you may find interesting - Donna went to her gyn today for a
>checkup, and he supported her decision to pursue other avenues for
>relief (she even mentioned acupuncture). He is calling a
>gastro-internalist for her, and indicated knowledge of barriers, etc as
>possible resouorces if further surgery is required. He showed
>knowledge, but our question is why didn't he talk about the possibility
>of adhesions before Donna's original surgery, and why didn't he mention
>them when Donna complained about pain and the inability to move her
>bowels properly over the last nine months?
>Hope this helps. God Bless
>Pete and Donna

Hi Pete and Donna,

I'm glad Donna is finding some relief. I think all of us wonder why the doctors don't tell us things. Some of the most interesting reading I have done is to read my surgical notes to find out how extensive the adhesions have been. When I had my hysterectomy, the doctor did not mention adhesions on the bowels at all yet the notes showed that he removed tons. Anyway, whether alternative medicine works or not I don't know, but in talking with people who have seen this type of homeopath or therapist they have found them to be compassionate, interested, and that they tend to listen. From that aspect, it's certainly more than most of us are getting from our traditional doctors. Thanks. Ginny >

Ginny King

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