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Thu Jun 24 09:22:41 1999

At Wed, 23 Jun 1999, Bev wrote: >
>Ginny, i would ask that you take a moment to think about the anatomy of the human body in relationship to the adhesions. To be able to " breakdown " adhesion, whatever that means, one would have to be able toget through a number of tissue layers before " reaching " the adhesions
>among other things. The internal organs are very well protected by these layers and thus, so are the adhesions in the abdominal cavity.>>>

I personally am a HUGE fan of massage therapy for my adhesions. I spoke to an MD about massage therapy and of course, due to his training, thinks a therapy cant get down that far. But an MD's view of the human body is one sided. I am not a big fan of surgery or medication and will not resort to this unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. Surgery and medications are toxic to the body...youre helping one problem..and potentially creating another.

There are SEVERAL different kinds of massage therapy. A typical massage therapy is more aggressive obviously...and this direct approach can aggravate adhesions...but it can loosen them as well.

A typical therapist is very aggresive and it can be harmful...

There is Visceral manipulation...which specifically targets certain disorders and slightly aggressive. I hear that this CAN be helpful in loosen adhesions...I hope to try this soon.

There is also Cranial Sacral Therapy...which is not aggressive at all..and uses a little pressure. I am seeing this type of therapist right now...I have been to 4 sessions and must admit I do feel an improvement. My therapist works very gently..almost a feather-like touch..and I thought to myself..."how can this be helpful and I am wasting my money"...but then I started to feel better. She basically gives my body an internal realignment and I swear I feel better...My pain has minimized and I more flexiblity and mobility..since my treatments.

Just because an MD tells you it wont work...its not necessarily true!! Remember an MD's view is ONE SIDED. I have been back to my doctor and told him about the Cranial Sacral therapy and told him I feel better..he shook his head and said "well, then I guess I cant discount it then..if it makes you feel better, then I dont see any reason not to continue".

If you're like me and will avoid the surgeons table at all cost...I would invest going to 5-6 sessions, spend a few hundred and try it. Better than the knife!

Ok, maybe its psychosamtic <sp?>..and maybe my adhesions may not be to the same degree as other people here. Each one of us is individual in our problems, degree of adhesions...or maybe these treatments may be helpful for a little while..its too soon to tell...but I am doubt about it.

So basically what i am saying is...dont discount massage therapy because an MD tells you yourself a favor...AT LEAST check into it!

Thanks for listening!

Helen from Chicago

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