Re: Our bodies are not like cars............

From: Sharonda Moore (
Thu Jun 24 12:35:56 1999

You definitely did not go into it blind. What did women know in that time? You were taught that cramps were normal and you just suffered. (girls are still told that today) My mother suffered from endometriosis since she was in her early teens. She never even knew what it was until she was 32! I suffered for 13 years before I did, my doctor should have at least suspected (with the genetic connection) The saying is true...its takes a man having a disease for it to get attention. It is wonderful in this age of technology the vastness of knowledge at our fingertips. Sadly, many doctors are still ignorant of this disease.

Congratulations on finding your way and taking control of your medical care.

>From: (Helen Dynda)
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>Subject: Our bodies are not like cars............
>Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 11:28:00 -0500
>What a strange title I have used for the subject - but when I had
>surgery (a laparotomy) in 1970, I went into it "blind" - expecting the
>surgeon to help me become pain-free.
>My doctor and my surgeon never mentioned the word, adhesions, to me!!! I
>thought that surgery was just a simple procedure. I thought that my
>surgeon, with his vast knowledge about the human body and surgical
>experience, would be able to "fix it" for me. WRONG!!!!!
>I knew next to nothing about the human anatomy. I was illiterate about
>it - and there weren't any stores such as B.Dalton or Barnes and Noble
>Bookstores (previous to and including 1970)
>I was so sure that by undergoing surgery, the surgeon would be able to
>locate the source of the pain which was draining me physically and
>mentally - which no x-rays or blood tests could do. I was convinced
>that surgery was the answer - that the surgeon would be able to give me
>back a pain-free life.
>When I look back to that time in my life - I was 38 at the time - my
>mentality of the human body could be compared to that of a mechanic
>fixing a car. Little did I realize, at that time, that our bodies are
>NOT cars!!!!
>The moral of my story is...."Education is the key to surviving chronic
>pelvic pain." Bev said it so well, especially yesterday! I encourage you
>to read her pep-talk. I have one final thought to add:

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