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From: Christine M. Smith (
Wed Jun 23 07:05:07 1999

At Tue, 22 Jun 1999, Donna and Pete Reenstra wrote: >
>Hello, we are new to this forum and would like to join the discussion
>and research for relief. I am Pete, and my wife is Donna, and she is
>the one who is sufferring with adhesions. (I support as best I can and
>am the computer literate one, so I will be doing most of the writing for
>Donna has been sufferring for about a year now - being one of the 11%
>who contract adhesions with the first abdominal surgery. After reading
>many of your posts, and Dr. Wiseman's article, we are very concerned
>about future surgery. We are following advice to see several doctors,
>including Dr. Olive's partner in New Haven, CT for pain mapping and his
>opinions. No doctor she have seen (her GP or her gynocologist) since
>her operation even mentioned adhesions, although she has had problems
>and pain since day one. A nurse friend suggested adhesions, and now the
>dr. who just did a colonoscopy on Donna agrees it probably is adhesions
>because her colon is clear and healthy.
>We have a big question for those of you who have been going through this
>agony for so long - Have any of you tried natureopathic or homeopathic
>medicine? We are stepping out into this area to investigate and find
>relief. We have found hope, and so far, some relief. Many of you
>possibly live on Metamucil, and so has Donna up until this past weekend.
>The practitioner (dr) she saw told her that for many, Metimucil expands,
>therefore causing pressure against the adhesions and more pain. She
>(the dr) gave Donna Fortified Flax and the results so far are
>tremendous. And Donna feels better than she has for quite some time.
>I don't want to begin communications with a book, so I'll close. But we
>really would like to hear from any of you who has had experience with
>this area of medicine.
>Write us at
>Pete and Donna

Hi Donna and Pete: Welcome to the group! It sounds like Donna's experience is typical. It seems that many doctors have never heard of adhesions. I'm interested in the pain mapping-has Donna done this yet and what were the results? I notice you said the doctor is in Connecticut. Do you know anywhere else its being done?

Chris S.

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