Re: Newcomers

From: Donna and Pete Reenstra (
Wed Jun 23 08:39:23 1999

At Wed, 23 Jun 1999, Christine M. Smith wrote: >
>Hi Donna and Pete:
>Welcome to the group! It sounds like Donna's experience is typical. It
>seems that many doctors have never heard of adhesions. I'm interested
>in the pain mapping-has Donna done this yet and what were the results? I
>notice you said the doctor is in Connecticut. Do you know anywhere else
>its being done?
>Chris S.

Hello Chris, Donna is going to New Haven on July 13. The other doctor that Donna was referred to is Dr. Deborah Metzger who has moved to California, but we don't know what part. She may be praticing there. We'll let you know how it turns out and perhaps what the procedure involves. We're a bit in the dark about that ourselves.

Other than these two, we are unaware, but there must be others - we've only been on the web investigating adhesions and possible relief for about two weeks. You might ask Helen Dynda, who I have seen as a contributer to this discussion, and who sent us a wealth of information. (Thank you so much, Helen, hope to hear from you again soon.)

I see from D. O'Hara's response there is a Dr in Philly. Hope this helps. We'll keep you all in our prayers.

Pete and Donna

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