From: Christine M. Smith (
Wed Jun 23 07:00:04 1999


Thanks to those who wrote to encourage me about the lack of MRI results. There are probably all kinds of explanations. I agree it probably means I don't have anything *major* or else the MRI people would have called the pcp office who would in turn have called me. I don't know if they'd do this for all abnormalities. I doubt it. There's the possibility that the pcp office has never received the report-these things do go missing and the pcp office probably wouldn'tknow. I doubt they keep a list of "pending results". This office is too big for that kind of organization. I think the most likely explanation is that it is still sitting on his desk, waiting for his okay. Well, I plan to call today and see what's up! I also think its an indication that he is not very interested in treating this problem.

Chris S.

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