Back pain...

From: sherry (
Sat Jun 19 15:08:33 1999

My biggest compaint with my adhesions has always been back pain. When I am in any position too long I can hardly move. This happens when I sleep, mornings are the worst time for me. My experience has been the worse the back pain the more adhesions I seem to have. Since a lot of my adhesions have been on my intestines, I am thinking there is a direct corroboration. My pcp told me that adhesions can grow from your incision back onto your intestines. I am thinking that since I had a hysterectomy, the adhesions cannot grow on the uterus, etc. I have also had my intestines nicked during surgery and hemorrhaged. We all know that both of these things cause adhesions. Oh well. My pain is getting worse almost on a daily basis. I am really dreading the posibility of surgery again. I don't want to wait too long and have a bowel obstruction, and I don't want to go any earlier than possible. Thanks for listening. Sherry

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