Re: bad days again-Sherry and Ginny

From: Tina Shelby (
Sat Jun 19 17:04:45 1999

Hi Ginny,

I know you didn't ask me - but if you don't mind - I would like to give you a medical perspective on your symptoms you describe. The blood in your urine and bowels is most definitely not normal. I am interested in knowing if there is alot of blood in your stools or are they picking it up on a guiac test. Are you taking any kind of anti-inflammatory medications like motrin or advil? These types of drugs are very hard on the stomach and cause microscopic bleeding. Blood in the urine needs to be wroked up by a Urologist to determine where along the urinary tract it is coming from.

As far as adhesions causing the bleeding - if the adhesions (on the outside of the bowel/bladder) were to pull hard enough as to cause bleeding/tearing of the organ (inside the bowel/bladder) - that would be a life-threatening situation. A hole in the bowel would cause the contents to spill out into the abdominal cavity causing a severe infection like peritonitis. The same goes with tearing of an ureter. Urine would spill out and also cause some life-threatening problems.

I can understand how you would think that the blood in both the bowel/bladder are related - they may be. An auto-immune response could be causing the bleeding. Just hang in there while the docs look for the source of the bleeding and don't give up and make them keep looking until they find the problem. I hope this helps - and I will be anxious to hear what they docs find as the cause of your bleeding.

Wishing us Gods speed in being pain-free!

Tina Shelby

At 07:44 PM 6/18/99 -0500, you wrote: >At Fri, 18 Jun 1999, Ginny King wrote: >> >>At Fri, 18 Jun 1999, sherry wrote: >>> >>>Hi Brenda, I am sorry you are having a rough time. Did anyone say there >>>was a connection between blood in the urine and adhesions? I was up all >>>night last night with a lot of pressure and pain on my bladder and >>>frequent trips to the bathroom. When I went to an urgent care facility >>>last week , they told me I had a lot of blood in my urine. I told them >>>that I always do and have had all the tests to rule out everything. It >>>makes me believe that there is a connection. What are you going to do? >>>Please let me know. I too am from West Virginia! Have a great time >>>visiting your sister. Sherry >> >>Hi Brenda and Sherry, >> >>I would be interested in hearing anything regarding blood in the urine >>as well. I am going through several additional test to rule out Crohn's >>for many of my other symtoms but nobody is explaining the blood I have >>in the urine. I just had an IVP that came back normal. However when I >>read the report it stated that there were some type of "something" >>showing up crossing both ureters. They indicated that it is probably >>vascular in nature and nothing to worry about. My question to my doc >>when I get to see her again is wouldn't it be reasonable to think that >>it might be adhesions attached to the ureters since I have a history of >>adhesions. I keep hearing that adhesions don't cause blood (I have it >>in my stools as well as urine), but if you have adhesions, couldn't they >>be pulling and tearing on your organs causing things to bleed? Trying to >>get all the "specialist" together and look at your history as a whole is >>proving to be difficult. From Atlanta, take care of yourselves in West >>Virginia! Ginny >> >>-- >>Ginny King > >Hi! > >Blood in urine is not normal, especially "a lot" . Sometimes people do >have some red cells per every high powered field when looking through a >microscope and this can be considered normal. But if a dipstick shows a >reaction on the blood section, this is not normal and if you see it >macroscopically, that is definitely not normal! I would think a >urologist would perform a complete workup if this happens consistently. >sherry, you mention signs of a UTI. You can have a UTI and still have a >negative culture. I don't know how this happens but it's possible. They >can also do a cysto and tell which ureter, if any, the blood is coming >from. Also, what about endometriosis? I would think that this should be >looked into. > >Chris >

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