Re: blood in urine

From: sherry (
Sat Jun 19 14:51:08 1999

Hello everyone, I have had blood in my urine for many years.When I first started having blood I had many tests. I did have chronic cystitis many years ago. I also had a stricture in the uretha which was opened up, after that my problems seemed to clear up. Before my last couple surgeries I had blood in my urine as well as blood in my stool. I had a colonoscopy, barium enema and upper GI series which showed nothing. I was also constipated for months. When I had surgery to remove adhesions from intestines and colon, the blood associated with bm's stopped. Chris, I have had 2 kidney infections since my last surgery. While in the hospital I was bleeding through my catheter and I think this caused my infections, I also ran a fever. My surgeon didn't agree because I was being given intavenious anti-biotics. He also used Seprafilm which may have caused the fever as well. Maybe I should check into this further, thanks for your response. Sherry

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