Re: Back pain...Sherry

From: Christine M. Smith (
Sat Jun 19 23:29:58 1999

At Sat, 19 Jun 1999, sherry wrote: >
>My biggest compaint with my adhesions has always been back pain. When I
>am in any position too long I can hardly move. This happens when I
>sleep, mornings are the worst time for me. My experience has been the
>worse the back pain the more adhesions I seem to have. Since a lot of
>my adhesions have been on my intestines, I am thinking there is a direct
>corroboration. My pcp told me that adhesions can grow from your
>incision back onto your intestines. I am thinking that since I had a
>hysterectomy, the adhesions cannot grow on the uterus, etc. I have also
>had my intestines nicked during surgery and hemorrhaged. We all know
>that both of these things cause adhesions. Oh well. My pain is getting
>worse almost on a daily basis. I am really dreading the posibility of
>surgery again. I don't want to wait too long and have a bowel
>obstruction, and I don't want to go any earlier than possible. Thanks
>for listening. Sherry

Hi Sherry:

When you have your adhesions lysed, do you get a pain free period with no back pain? Why do you think mornings are worse for you? Why would adhesions act up at this time? Mornings are notoriously bad for people with rheumatological problems-morning stiffness is one of the things they ask you about. With me, I get the oddest situation. When I was waking up with a lot of pain in the lower right side I would get up, expecting to have to hobble to the bathroom, but I would be almost normal! Yet lying down I was in agony.


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