Re: Received e-mail from a Male adhesion sufferer

From: Tina Shelby (
Wed Jun 16 16:26:25 1999


How lucky your wife is to have you as her support person! Although you do not suffer what she does on a daliy basis - you are an eye witness to the events - which I would hope carry much weight with the docs she sees. My husband is very supportive as well and does not tolerate even the hint that "this is all in her head" as he has seen me suffer so with sucicidal levels of pain.

God bless you sir - I can only wish that the other husbands are as supportive as you are!


At 07:37 AM 6/16/99 -0500, you wrote: >I don't know if it was me but I don't remember sending you e-mail. I post
>from time to time because I have been aquainted with Dr. Wiseman and his web
>site for some time. I don't have adhesions but my wife is a bonifide
>sufferer that doesn't get online. So I am the spokesman so to speak(type). I
>have printed out many articles and letters so she is familiar with the forum
>and looks forward to reading. Sometimes it is depressing to see no real
>solutions. I spent many hours(days if you add it up) looking for solutions.
>Before I was on this forum, I had pretty much given up trying to understand
>my wifes' dilemma. Dr.Wiseman was bold(kind) enough to stick my address on
>this forum and that is why I hang out here too.
>Please feel cautious about unsolicted e-mail, but don't create an atmosphere
>of exclusivity.
>My wife has been thru every test 2-3 times. We have seen some of the more
>learned, respected doctors in our area. We have been treated well at times.
>We have been trashed too. We have few doctors locally that can help. Her PCP
>is the last one. Currently she sees a pain specialist that is kind enough to
>keep an open mind.
>She had an open MRI that showed back problems. She has had EVERY single
>painful episode described by everyone on this forum. She has been called
>depressed, addicted, sick, impossible, and hopeless by doctors that want to
>label her anything so they are let off the hook. She has a passive
>personality and they take advantage of that. I am the guard dog that stays
>by her side ready to take a chunk out of the next doctor that that tries to
>put a label on her. So with those happy thoughts, we keep a keen eye on this
>forum. May God help us all.

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>Sent: Tuesday, June 15, 1999 7:36 PM
>Subject: Received e-mail from a Male adhesion sufferer
>> Hi,
>> Someone who I am not familiar with has e-mailed me regarding abdominal
>> adhesions and stated he is male. Although he did not identify which
>> site he found me on, he mentioned that it appeared that the posts were
>> women with adhesions that posted.
>> 1. IAS can be found on an internet search just for adhesions.
>> 2. Specifically, if anyone has a site that can be helpful regarding
>> Seprafilm, that might be helpful. But there are many other adhesion
>> barriers.
>> 3. Unfortunately the internet carries legtimate people who are
>> searching for help but there are those who are NOT legitimate.
>> --If this post is seen by the sender, please post here. This site, in
>> my opinion, is not just for women. Men get adhesions too.
>> Ensuring you are a legitimate source helps if the sender posts a message
>> and talks about adhesions. Sorry, this is what it can come to.
>> Thanks.
>> --michele

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