Received e-mail from a Male adhesion sufferer

From: Michele (
Tue Jun 15 19:35:22 1999

Hi, Someone who I am not familiar with has e-mailed me regarding abdominal adhesions and stated he is male. Although he did not identify which site he found me on, he mentioned that it appeared that the posts were women with adhesions that posted.

1. IAS can be found on an internet search just for adhesions.

2. Specifically, if anyone has a site that can be helpful regarding Seprafilm, that might be helpful. But there are many other adhesion barriers.

3. Unfortunately the internet carries legtimate people who are searching for help but there are those who are NOT legitimate.

--If this post is seen by the sender, please post here. This site, in my opinion, is not just for women. Men get adhesions too.

Ensuring you are a legitimate source helps if the sender posts a message and talks about adhesions. Sorry, this is what it can come to.



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