Re: Coordinator/web-bot technology should screen this -Ronna

From: Michele (
Wed Jun 16 16:05:05 1999

The posts originated from Ob-gyn net...endo forum. Great, because some of some really nice people are on there who never gave permission for it. I sent e-mail because it's a privacy issue. Web-bot technology on a site linked with (which can screen for this) should be in use. The sad thing is that someone might need help and how are we to know what information they are actually getting. Sorry to tear everyone away from adhesion isssues, but this is important.

Hugs, Michele At Wed, 16 Jun 1999, Ronna wrote: >
>I went to aol net find.....I see what you mean! That is not right. How
>can that be stop? If it is this message board,then it must be others
>>Well, this is interesting....Does anyone have any ideas how this
>>Go to
>>Click on AOL netfind
>>Type in Seprafilm...go to the second page.
>>You might wanna find out if this is where you want to be. Interestingly,
>>most of the posts have nothing to do with Seprafilm
>>Richard, not you at all. Someone did a legitimate search and e-mailed
>>---this message is not for any other internet site.

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