Re: Received e-mail from a Male adhesion sufferer

From: Karen O'Keefe (
Wed Jun 16 16:32:53 1999

Yes, you are truly a blessing, Richard. All people should have partners as supportive as you are. I don't have any (partner) but it sure would be nice to have a man's shoulder to lean on once in a while...hope you will always be there for your wife - she needs you!


> Richard,
> How lucky your wife is to have you as her support person! Although you do
> not suffer what she does on a daliy basis - you are an eye witness to the
> events - which I would hope carry much weight with the docs she sees. My
> husband is very supportive as well and does not tolerate even the hint that
> "this is all in her head" as he has seen me suffer so with sucicidal levels
> of pain.
> God bless you sir - I can only wish that the other husbands are as
> supportive as you are!
> Tina

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