Re: Looked Pretty Stupid Today-Ginny

From: Christine M. Smith (
Tue Jun 15 17:58:51 1999

At Tue, 15 Jun 1999, Ginny King wrote: >
>After everything that has been going on pain wise I have tried not to
>take pain meds so that I can continue to work. Well I showed up for an
>appointment with clients and proceeded to have one of those ripping
>pains that was so severe I passed out, right in front of everyone. I
>have so many bruises on my body that I'm afraid my at my doctor's
>appointment tomorrow she may think I suffering from abuse! (Just
>Kidding) I keep trying to act like everything is OK because I'm afraid I
>will become depressed if I stop. Instead I just looked stupid. Anyway,
>I hope everyone is doing ok today. Thanks again for all the support!

Hi Ginny:

Holey Schmoley, you passed out in front of your business clients? How embarassing.

What really bugs me about pain med is that unless you take it round the clock, how do you know when to take it? If the pain is intermittent like you just experienced, you might take it ahead of time when you really didn't need it but of course would have no way of knowing that. And who wants to take pain medicine round the clock? This really does take over your life.

Chris S. >
>Ginny King

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