Re: hello-Toni

From: toni (
Tue Jun 15 09:11:10 1999

At Thu, 10 Jun 1999, Christine M. Smith wrote: >
>At Wed, 9 Jun 1999, toni welsh wrote:
>>I have not forgot you all. I have still been having MAJOR pain with
>>trying to move bowels, and alot of duphalac, they took me off senekot, I
>>am getting ready to callgyn about all this, no one will even do an
>>ultrasund for me, do not understand this, things are NO better, will be
>>back soon, right now I am dealing with spending as much tie with my
>>grandmother. She goes to hospice today, and she is dying, they say she
>>could live 2 days, maybe 6 weeks, been awful, she has stopped eating,
>>and gangrene is spreading up her legs. I will talk to you all later, I
>>am a total nervous wreck!
>Hi Toni:
>I'm sorry to hear that your grandmother is doing so poorly. I hope the
>day that she came home and dispersed her possessions helped her.
>You are probably not going to believe this Toni, but you sound like you
>are doing very well, despite the pain you are in. You sound so
>different than you did before you went to the pain clinic. You hardly
>ever post on the forum, and when you do, it sounds as if you are able to
>get on with your life even though you are in pain. I think the drugs
>might be working! How about the estratest? :<)
>By the way, did the gyn ever test your FSH? (to see if you were really
>menopausal after you went off the premarin) It seems to me that would've
>been an easy way to test for ORS other than an ultrasound.
>I sent you an e-mail, nothing much in it other than I am going for an
>MRI on Monday. I don't feel well but don't know why. I don't know if
>the MRI is going to reflect that.The other blood tests were negative
>(systemic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus etc) We'll see I
>guess. This is the third summer in a row this has been going on,
>getting really old. I'm sure you would agree.
>Chris S.

Hi chris. really i am doing very bad, the pain is one thing, and I would be here more but i am staying alot with gandma, I never knpw if there will be anther day with her!

right ow I am struggling with the bowel moving, NOTHING has worked except enemas, and I have taken 5 in the past 3 weeks, now they have told me to take ducolax, it has a stimulant in it, and nothing yet, and if that dont work, take another dose today. If it does not work I have to take that nasty citrate magnesia, very strong. Then once I an cleaned out they have me taking 8 tablespoons of dupholac syrup,safe for the bowel. I am very much pain today, just have to get bowels moving somehow. zi am upset and scared why they will not move. the pain i somewhat better, but now with this pullin the bowels, from not going it hurts ALOT!

I am oing to nursing home, I will be back later, rally I am feeling terrible!


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