Re: Disability

From: Laura Newman (
Tue Jun 15 08:44:31 1999

Tina, I was wondering the same thing. Also, I wanted to know how much money they are receiving (if someone is willing to give that information) it may vary from person to person but at least we could get a ball-park figure. If you find out any information, would you please pass it on to me? I REALLY need to stop putting my body through the harshness of working full time but I was afraid I wouldn't qualify for disability. I need to know too, how they filed. Thanks so much for thinking about this question, I hope you get answers!!!!!

>>> Tina Shelby <> 06/02 12:41 PM >>>

I'm in the process of filing for disability and have read that some of you are already recieving disability benifits.

What diagnosis did the disability board accept as a disabling condition - "peripheral neuropathy"?, "post-surgical abdomino/pelvic adhesions"?

If my lawyer can find the diagnosis that has been accepted by the disability folkes - then it won't take as long to get me approved for disability beneifits.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Tina Shelby

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