Re: filing for disability

From: sherry (
Tue Jun 15 10:04:34 1999

I too have filed for disability. I am in the process of retaining a Social Security Disability Consultant. My pcp has written a letter stating that "she continues to suffer chronic pelvic pain and abdominal pain as a result of chronic recurrent adhesions. She has failed to respond to multiple therapies in an attempt to ameliorate her problems. She remaines totally and permanently disabled." I will share any information I feel would be beneficial and if anyone else has info relating to filing disability, please post. I have worked for 25 years and all I want is the money I have paid into the system. I have always been a hard worker and enjoyed my position as a Customer Service Rep. for a major car company. I now find myself unable to work, all my energy goes into trying to stay out of the hospital and dealing with multiple chronic pain conditions. We have a wonderful opportunity to share information on this forum and for that I am grateful. Sherry

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