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From: Christine M. Smith (
Wed Jun 2 11:24:59 1999

At Wed, 2 Jun 1999, sherry wrote: >
>Chris, I started having back pain and muscle spasms when I developed
>adhesions. When I first started complaining about my back, I was sent
>for an x-ray which revealed I had spina-bifida occulta. One doctor said
>this would cause my back pain but my family doctor thinks it's related
>to my fibromyalgia and complicated by my adhesions. I personally think
>it's more adhesion related because after I have surgery for lysis of
>adhesions, my back doesn't bother me. After my hysterectomy and lysis
>of adhesions in Nov., I did not have back pain for about 2 months. Now
>it is constant with a lot of pressure sometimes sending pain down my
>right leg. I also had an appendectomy and my ovary and tube out on the
>right side, so I am thinking the adhesions are the culprit. I have an
>appt. with my surgeon June 11. I am not ready for surgery again, I
>tend to wait until I can hardly walk before I give in. How is your
>pain? I wish you good luck, I hope you find out the source of your pain.

Hi Sherry: It's hard to pinpoint what causes what pain. The reason I say this is because surgery has all kinds of effects on your body aside from the surgical procedure being done. I kind of suspected this and it was just recently confirmed by the colo-rectal guy I just saw. So your back pain could have been relieved by the surgical procedure but as a side effect of it and not necessarily because the adhesions were lysed.(although the lysis would have relieved other pain) Your body releases all kinds of chemicals in response to injury which surgery is. Some of these are anti-inflammatory in nature. After both of my laps I had relief of the abdominal pain for 3-6 months (3 months the first time, 6 months the second) so naturally I thought it was the adhesions reoccuring but the colo-rectal guy said the relief could have been brought about by the effect of surgery on whatever was causing the pain. (not necessarily the adhesions in my case, at least the second time) Of course this is not true in every patient, but something to think about and muddy the waters a little! Another thing to think about is if the adhesions are causing pain again, this can cause you to hold your body a certain way, leading to back pain. If you already have a spinal deformity then I would think the chance of this happening would be even greater. Then there's the effect of anesthesia on your body. The colo-rectal guy says they don't even know all the effects it might have. One thing they know is that it effects the immune system so it probably effects other things too. After my surgery the surgical residents told me not to drive for a month (ha ha who are they kidding?) When I laughed they said the effects of anesthesia are known to last at least a month At this point I'm pretty disgusted.I'm ready to fire my pcp.


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