Re: just checking in...

From: toni welsh (
Fri Jun 4 15:52:41 1999

At Wed, 2 Jun 1999, sherry wrote: >
>Chris, I started having back pain and muscle spasms when I developed
>adhesions. When I first started complaining about my back, I was sent
>for an x-ray which revealed I had spina-bifida occulta. One doctor said
>this would cause my back pain but my family doctor thinks it's related
>to my fibromyalgia and complicated by my adhesions. I personally think
>it's more adhesion related because after I have surgery for lysis of
>adhesions, my back doesn't bother me. After my hysterectomy and lysis
>of adhesions in Nov., I did not have back pain for about 2 months. Now
>it is constant with a lot of pressure sometimes sending pain down my
>right leg. I also had an appendectomy and my ovary and tube out on the
>right side, so I am thinking the adhesions are the culprit. I have an
>appt. with my surgeon June 11. I am not ready for surgery again, I
>tend to wait until I can hardly walk before I give in. How is your
>pain? I wish you good luck, I hope you find out the source of your pain.

Hi girls. i have been keeping realy busy lately, trying to forget all this sh--! yesterday I felt bad all day and even todayI feel not real good, I guess you get tired of telling and complaining all the time, but this was new yesterday, they said it was acid relux, but as bad as hurt and the way I felt I thought for sue I was headed for a bowel obstruction, but I guess I was wrong, I feel alittle better todaybut my bowels, are getting very stubborn I have increased the senekot and the colace, and even prune juice and the bowels moved VERY little today again. I still wish my gy would do an ultrasound, the pain in y right side is so hard, as far as ORS, he swears he would have seen it durig the second laparotomy, so I finally started the new estratest today, my relations ith my husband are still nill, I have to try something. as faras the pain, it is somewhat better taking 3 oxycontin , that is what the pain enter did this week, increased that!

I have alot of pain in my legs which the drs say is not from adhesions, so I do not uderstand that!

I will be busy all weekend so I will check in to see hw you all are, when I can. I am like you sherri, I want the surgery IF they will know it will work, but I will wait til I cannot go on anymore, somedays I feel that way now, I just know my gyn is loking for the new barriers, he has mentioned it a few times, but he is hopig it can be done through the scope, they have alot of trouble getting the scope through the adhesions since mine are so thick.


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