Re: just checking in...

From: sherry (
Wed Jun 2 10:58:26 1999

Chris, I started having back pain and muscle spasms when I developed adhesions. When I first started complaining about my back, I was sent for an x-ray which revealed I had spina-bifida occulta. One doctor said this would cause my back pain but my family doctor thinks it's related to my fibromyalgia and complicated by my adhesions. I personally think it's more adhesion related because after I have surgery for lysis of adhesions, my back doesn't bother me. After my hysterectomy and lysis of adhesions in Nov., I did not have back pain for about 2 months. Now it is constant with a lot of pressure sometimes sending pain down my right leg. I also had an appendectomy and my ovary and tube out on the right side, so I am thinking the adhesions are the culprit. I have an appt. with my surgeon June 11. I am not ready for surgery again, I tend to wait until I can hardly walk before I give in. How is your pain? I wish you good luck, I hope you find out the source of your pain. Sherry

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