Re: Just checking in...

From: Christine M. Smith (
Wed Jun 2 08:36:48 1999

At Wed, 2 Jun 1999, sherry wrote: >
>Hello everyone, I got up this morning feeling really bad, having a lot
>of pain. It was so painful when I went to the bathroom. Does anyone
>experience this? My back hurts so bad sometimes I don't think I can
>stand it, thank heavens for my pain medication. It is comforting to
>know this site exists and that I am not alone. I wanted to check in and
>see how everyone is feeling. I think our motto should be "friends who
>stick together"!!!!Sherry

Hi Sherry:

Do they know why your back hurts? This is what I have now and I don't know if its related to the adhesions or another problem. When my problem first started 2 years ago everyone asked me about my back. I had no back pain then. Now that I have back pain, no one seems interested. My pcp insists its my bowels (he isn't any more specific than that) The problem is that he sends me to specialists, including 2 GI docs who says it is NOT my bowels, and then doesn't believe them. The colo-rectal guy says it could be my joints (ie back or hip) The gyn says it is not gyn and probably not adhesions. I'm taking 600 mg ibuprofen 3 times per day and it is working fairly well, but I know its still there in the background. I'm getting a bit angry and seriously considering switching pcps.

Chris S.

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