Re: lazy bowel

Wed Apr 21 14:12:11 1999


I had a laperotomy to release all of my adhesions. Another surgery, yes. But it had to be. The adhesions had all of my organs shutting down. Especially the bowel. The bowel can be trained! Lazy or not. Of course my bowel got "lazy" during that time. There is a bowel retraining program. I did it and it worked! I will get the program again from my doctor and forward it to you. It's about a 2 week program. And it's rather grueling. It involves a lot of supositories and laxitives, even when you don't think you need them. But following the program to the letter worked for me. Give it try when you get it. You've nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Good Luck and God Bless, Rebecca

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