Re: frustration and adhesions

Wed Apr 21 11:04:40 1999

Toni Welsh wrote: >
> This is the most frustrating thing I have ever had to go through in my
> life, and I am so sick and tired of all the drs including the pain
> center has told me I may have to live with it! I feel the same about
> surgery(laparotomy), I will never go through that again(Ihope), but as
> far as a lap, I would hope the drs could get in to maybe remove SOME of
> these adhesions.
> The last laparotomy was very hard on me, I was in terrible pain, and
> develped an ileus, and was sick for 2 days until it resolved, I was
> miserable, and was in the hospital a week, the surgery in april was not
> that bad and I was only there 3 days, the gyn said that each time they
> manipulate the bowel, it slows it down more everytime, and more
> complications can arise, that is why they are trying to stay away from
> ANY surgery for quite some time. He told my husband he would be willing
> to do a lap but he will not touch the abdomen for awhile, so I have to
> be patient and he talked too about the new barriers that may be
> available by the end of the year. I do get some relief from the pain
> center, but the pulling and pain in the lower abdomen, and legs and
> groin area, I am not pain free, I would give anything to be painfree,
> and I wish the drs would quit telling me i have to learn to live with
> this, maybe they mean for alittle while, all I know is they say more
> surgery could make matters worde, and I know my gyn is fed up with me
> complaining, but he was the only one who seemed to understand til the
> pain center, I am sorry this is so long, just had some time I thought I
> would write my frustrations, thinking it may help me feel better, I hate
> to keep telling my husband, I am sure he gets tired of hearing about it,
> but I am gettng tired of living it!
> Hope you are all doing okay, and if you need to talk you can email me,
> my computer is very slow, but I will try to answer if I can help anyone!
> Toni

Hi Toni... My name is Cyndy...I am a 39 year old adhesion husband and I are at a frustration level....I have had many,many surguries and the adhesions are so bad that the drs. tried the lap..scope and they could not penatrate through the they sent me home and here i sit 4 years later and many doctors later....they all start out the know the routine...they want to help....then they give you pain meds....then they want you to try and not take the pain meds.....then you SUFFER and then they (the doctors) get tired of you and the cycle begins all over again... So in addition to being in PAIN you have to play games with the doctors...... I am so,so tired of all of this THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING OUT THERE FOR ALL OF US.... SOMETHING ON THE CUTTING EDGE...THAT CAN HELP.....


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