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From: Toni Welsh (
Thu Apr 22 08:46:40 1999

At Wed, 21 Apr 1999, wrote: >
>I had a laperotomy to release all of my adhesions. Another surgery, yes.
>But it had to be. The adhesions had all of my organs shutting down.
>Especially the bowel. The bowel can be trained! Lazy or not. Of course my
>bowel got "lazy" during that time. There is a bowel retraining program. I
>did it and it worked! I will get the program again from my doctor and
>forward it to you. It's about a 2 week program. And it's rather grueling.
>It involves a lot of supositories and laxitives, even when you don't think
>you need them. But following the program to the letter worked for me. Give
>it try when you get it. You've nothing to loose and everything to gain.
>Good Luck and God Bless,


Thank you for your post, i am so sick and tired of all this, I had a terrible day yesterday and it is not much better today. I went bowling with my son and I could not even walk yesterday and the pain was alot worse, I am being told to exercise by one dr, and my gyn says I am aggravating the problem, I am tired of drs and they are tired of me, so where do you go then?

I thought this morning, I woke up early with gas pains, and I am so tired of struggling with the bowel I cannot stand it anymore, my family does not understand the trouble I am having, not my husband, the rst of them, like sister and aunts, my mom is gone, she would understand.

I canceled an appt. with my pcp yesterday, and my husband said why, I told him why bother them, even gyn is tried of hearing from me, he told my husbamd he would sit and finally explain the pictures and stuff with me, and maybe I would understand why, but I am not even going to bother, he won't even run an ultrasound to see if anything would show up, I quit my premarin one of the drs thought it may be ORS, and if I did not take premarin for 2 weeks to see if I had any hot flashes, if not could be ORS, but chris said some women do not have these symtoms with menpause, I did right after the ovary was removed in the hospital last year, but the gyn said there is no test to run, he said he would do an estrogen check, but I am not even going to bother him anymore.

I am sick and tired of all this, but I will continue to try to live with it, have no choice!


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