lazy bowel

From: Toni Welsh (
Wed Apr 21 08:33:09 1999

I know I have massive adgesions all over the large and small bowel, but now I have been told that taking a laxative for so long that it has caused the bowel to get lazy, but the pain center keeps telling me to take it b/c it is VERY important that I keep the bowels open, I had sharp pains last night all across the upper abdomen and they went away after the gas went through, it is almost like you can feel the gas in there and feel it get trapped by and adhesion, it is weird to me, but I can almost visualize when this happens. I have tried to take dupholac syrup, but for some reason it hurts my stomach, they said you can take it foever, and it will not harm your bowel, I do not understand they say the adhesions have already done some harm to the bowel, but they say to keep taking senekot daily, and when i ask them if it can hurt your bowel to take them for so long they say YES, but if that is the only way I can move bowels, itis important to keep them going, so I do not know, I know the pain is WORSE if I do not go for days. VERY FRUSTRATED!

Oh wel, today seems like it will not be a good day, the pain is worse today, and it is not ever double over pian, that is why I feel like some drs do not believe, it is just CONSTANT pulling all across lower pelvis, and when I try to get up from sitting, I cannot even explain that pain, that is why I am getting so disgusted with all this, I went to bingo(won 200.00), and when I try to get up after 3 hours I am stiff, all around and now including the back at times.

Enough for today, I have bothered you all enough today!


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