Re: Adhesions in men

From: Jen (
Tue Feb 26 19:25:25 2013

I am so sorry for you and your son. Thats the worse I ever heard about adhesions.

Mine wont hurt until six months. Then year later a doctor has to do surgery. I am 26 in half and had 9 surgeries . The last was last month. There herds for adhesions but they did not work for me after a while. Good luck.

At Thu, 6 Dec 2012, MJ Ham wrote: >
>My son is 24 years old and began suffering from abdominal adhesions
>after a total collectomy in 2006. He has had approximately 17 surgeries
>for adhesions. He has been to Dr. Redan. After that surgery, the
>adhesions were back within a couple of months. Being in Texas, it is
>not an option to fly to Florida all the time. A surgeon was located in
>the Dallas area 2 years ago that has been trying to help him. This
>doctor performed 2 surgeries 6 months apart and said he had never seen
>adhesions grow that fast. At this point, my son's pain is so bad he
>doesn't want to go on living. He has an appointment Wednesday with his
>surgeon. I am going along to see if there are other options...a
>different barrier, biopsy the abdominal wall to see why the cells mutate
>during healing...something has to give! There has to be a reason so many
>suffer from cells trying to heal too quickly! It's time to get to the
>bottom of the problem instead of doctors telling people: 1. You're a
>drug seeker 2. There's nothing wrong with you, all tests are normal 3.
>It's all in your head 4. You look fine, you can't be sick 5. You're
>constipated (when there is no colon). There has to be a doctor out
>there in this world that is willing to think outside the box and figure
>out what is going on inside the body to form adhesions within just a
>month of surgery!

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