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Tue Feb 26 19:25:44 2013

I have had 7 abdominal surgeries - no female organs left and one bowel resection- I currently have what the gastro calls 2 "kinks" caused by adhesions in my intestines. He told me it doesn't help to have lysis because they just get worse- and to go on a liquid diet- forever. When I eat certain things they get stuck in my intestines and its extremely painful. I live in Florida - the worst medical care in th country- I plan on seeing my gastro in Boston this summer. There is a fantastic dr at the Winchester hospital who did my bowel resection- Arlen Fuller- he was formerly the head of the women's cancer surgery at mass general. Fo anyone in that area- the gastro is Dr Libby- Winchester hospital and dr fuller- Winchester hospital- a wonderful team. I'm hoping that when I go there they will fix me again

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> To Michelle
> I feel so bad for you!! What your going through sounds awfull. The pain is
> not in your head. Don't ever think that or you will go crazy. I hope you
> find a good doctor, unfortunately they usually cannot help us. I have had
3 > surgeries for adhesions and gave up on doctors. I take probiotics and
> vitamin supplements. Try fresh ginger for the nausea. You can make a
simple > syrup with equal parts water and sugar peel and chop the ginger and boil
> until sugar dissolves. Add it to tea juice or fruit. It helps me. Good
luck > to you! And your previous husband did not deserve you. I hope you find the
> strength to deal with this pain your in. Where do you live? There's a
> surgeon in Arizona that helped me as much as he could. Dr. Nelson in lake
> havasu city.

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