please help me!

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I was almost reading my life, So sad, I can't respond in length until later. But I will. I'll say a prayer for strength and patience. Julie wrote: Dear Michelle, Sounds bad, I've suffered from adhesions for 19 years, 4 surgeries and no female organs either. I don't know what meds you're taking, but I'm on heavy narcotics. I go to a gastroenterologist for the nausea and vomitting. Turns out I ended up with gastroparesis, a slowing of digestion due to the narcotics I'm on. I hope this helps and I wish you luck with your battle. from your sister in pain, Susan   -----Original Message----- From: IAS Admin <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Sent: Sun, Jan 27, 2013 4:26 pm Subject: please help me! Sender: (J) Subject: Re: please help me!

That sounds bad. I am not a dr. but I know that pain. It happens to me maybe your track is getting narrowed don't give up .

At Fri, 28 Sep 2012, michelle wrote: >
>I am two days out of the hospital! I guess you can call me a frequent
>flyer there. I was admitted this time again for nasua, vomiting, and
>dehydration. They never realy know what to do with me but rehydrating
>me and getting me backon solid foods.I was in this time for eleeven
>days. This was my third hospital stay in six months.
>I have hAD five abdominal surgeries over the years and have no female
>organs left.My last surgerie around three years ago was to remove
>adhesions and became a bowel resection and a long recovery. Im told
>this surgerie was very dangerous and I continue to have PAIN and
>periodic vomiting and bowel issues constantly. this visit to the
>hospital was the topping on the cake. I consulted with many docters and
>they said they would not touch me unless I had a bowel obstruction again
>or I was dying. I also was told by a surgion that adhesions do not
>cause PAIN...... WOW REALY THEN IT MUST BE IN MY HEAD! I have missed
>six weeks of work and I was not a very dependable employee previously
>because of constant pain and vomiting and bowel issues. I have or
>should I say had a great job that I worked hard to achieve but they are
>not being very supportive of course they have a bussiness to run I
>understand and I work in the health care field with children. I am also
>the primary income. I lost a 20 year marriage because of all this
>nonsense and recently remarried a wonderful man but how much will he be
>able to take is the question.
>They are wanting to refer me to shandes hospital but I am tired of going
>in circles and want to go to the right place this time. Of course my
>finances are in the toilet and I cant afford to continue to go from
>docter to docter. They treat me as if I am searching pain medicine.
>Thats a joke because it doesnt even work. Well Im losing it and need
>some advice from someone who understands. Please help me navigate
>through this! Im broke, desperate, sick,and probably depressed! Thanks
>for listening michelle

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