Adhesions in men

From: MJ Ham (
Thu Dec 6 20:08:58 2012

My son is 24 years old and began suffering from abdominal adhesions after a total collectomy in 2006. He has had approximately 17 surgeries for adhesions. He has been to Dr. Redan. After that surgery, the adhesions were back within a couple of months. Being in Texas, it is not an option to fly to Florida all the time. A surgeon was located in the Dallas area 2 years ago that has been trying to help him. This doctor performed 2 surgeries 6 months apart and said he had never seen adhesions grow that fast. At this point, my son's pain is so bad he doesn't want to go on living. He has an appointment Wednesday with his surgeon. I am going along to see if there are other options...a different barrier, biopsy the abdominal wall to see why the cells mutate during healing...something has to give! There has to be a reason so many suffer from cells trying to heal too quickly! It's time to get to the bottom of the problem instead of doctors telling people: 1. You're a drug seeker 2. There's nothing wrong with you, all tests are normal 3. It's all in your head 4. You look fine, you can't be sick 5. You're constipated (when there is no colon). There has to be a doctor out there in this world that is willing to think outside the box and figure out what is going on inside the body to form adhesions within just a month of surgery!

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