Re: adhesions surronding the bladder and uv fold

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Sun Dec 26 19:40:14 2010

Hello. I totally understand. I have not been diagnosed w adhessions on bladder i think they came after my last adheliyosis surgery. Ill start at begining. I had a ovarian cyst removed when i was 20. Bad surgery. I didnt know it at the time. Long story short i had cysts and pain for 7 years. When my 3rd child was born by csection i was still not told i had adhessions. I had excrusiating pain for 6 months. Stabbing burning ripping pain. I cannot explain it better than it feels like stabbing and or ripping inside. I didnt have insurance so cntinued dealing with pain for another year. Finally pain was absolutely intolerable. Stomach was swollen i couldnt eat. Doubled over in pain. Loose stools. Tmi. I lost 20 pounds and im a tiny woman to begin with. I hate pain pills always have. My mother is addicted to them. (She also has adhessions on bowels) so i hardly ever took medicines. But i ate motrin and naproxin like it was candy. Be carefull with that. I ended up getting ulcers and colitis in bowel from medicines. I went to er. They ran 8000 dollars worth of tests and told me to go home it was a cyst and part of my large intestine glowed on ct scan. But nothing to worry about. I was devestated. I literally felt as if i were dying and have 3 children to care for. Long story short because of that huge er bill i was finally approved for insurance. I found an amazing ob dr.nelson in lake havasu city arizona. He was the first dr to believe me about pain n not wanting pain pills. He did a laprascopy and removed a huge cyst off ovary and diagnosed me with sever pelvic adhessions. He tried to lazer them off (adheliosis) but couldnt do much. I waited 3 months pain was still horrible although tiny bit better. So we went ahead and did a full open surgety where he teamed up with a surgeon to remove my ovary, tube, and adhessions. I was told i had massive amount of adhessions. Everywhere. Uterus was stuck to abdominal wall, pelvic floor, bowels, i lost whole tube and ovary on left side because it was a big cobweb of adhessions. He tried his best to clear them. And sprayed a medicine on to repell more growing back. To be honest with you i do not think it worked. I think that they r back.. But the worst of the pain is gone.:) i can eat again and have gained weight back. I dont excercise or do anything hard except carry around baby and clean house all day. Thats a full time job. I told dr pain is back if i move wrong, cough, or sneeze! But there is nothing he can do. More surgery leads to more adhessions. And i was told to not have surgery ever unless i was dying in pain like before because its risky. I found a good web site with surgery info that said the gas they blow your stomach up with actually causes more adhessions. It said the ph balence in your body needs to be constantly monitored by special person. And orogans need to be moist at all times!!! That air hitting them can and will cause adhessions. For this reason i chose to never have another surgery again until the medical sciences find better medicine and surgical teqnices or i find a specialized dr in adheliosis. I hope some of this info helped you. We are all stuck waiting and luving in pain. My advice to u after dealing with this shit for 10 years is to stay strong meantally. Dont be hard on yourself. If your in pain n need to rest do it. If it hurts u to wash windows dont do it:) ext... Pray and try to take it day by day. Search for a great dr and please let me know if u find one out there who knows what there talking about! Also get an allergy test. I am allergic to milk. My friend is allergic to all corn products. Something so simple can be overlooked and misdiagnosed. Good luck to you. And i would like to hear back from you and how you are doing. Take care of yourself, jen

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hello all..been in chronic pain for 18 months now since my last baby was born by c section. all started of with back pain thigh pain then i started to have loose stools (tmi) the pain started get worse in my tum my badder uretha my legs back stabbing burning stingin pains every day. so i started the doctor route to find out what was goin on what a long road thats been i had test after test x rays sigamosidty blood test smear test pelvic checks etc al one point they tried to put me on anti depressents which i refused. then i had a diagnostic laprascopy which discovered these adhesions around my bladder and uv fold . now i have been told i can have a laprascopic adheseoyisis (sp) but could cause trama to the bladder. im seeing my gyne in a few weeks to discuss further. i realy dont want to be in pain any more i take ibroufen every day atm and it hardy touches it. has anyone had this operation? and was it sucessfull? please share your stories and symtoms thankyou. t x

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