Child with abdominal adhesions

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How old is your daughter? If she does have adhesions I would get her to someone who deals with adhesions on a regular basis, like many of the Drs mentioned on this site. Of course she is at risk for more adhesions with all her surgeries, but I don't think it will hurt to talk to one of these specialist about her. My Dr happens to be Dr Clark Gerhart in Pa, but apparently there are other docs out their also. Where are you?  My experience with alternative techniques did not help at all, I'm not saying it won't for her, but I would be sceptical as you are about this. I know nothing about the Wurn technique, but?? Prior to my going to Pa to see Dr Gerhart, my Doctors here had me in PT, and I tried some types of Massage therapy. It actually made things worse, and I had to stop. Adhesions, as I'm sure you know, can really cause lots of problems. I have heard some people who have benifited from massage therapy and releasing of adhesions, but I have also heard of it making things worse. as it did in my situation. Good luck with this, Don't ever give up hope! You came to the right place for help with this. Marlene

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> Subject: Child with abdominal adhesions
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> Subject: Child with abdominal adhesions
> Hi
> My daughter has had MULTIPLE surgeries. For the past year she has had
> moderate to severe abdominal pain. The doctors now believe that she has
> adhesion that are causing her pain.
> She has had so many surgeries and because of other issues surgery poses
> a greater risk. So it makes me a bit more uncomfortable to have them
> done.
> A friend is a specialist in the alternative field. He is well respected
> and believes he may be able to help possibly through massage. There are
> other things he may try also. Has anyone tried any of this? I read
> something about the Wurn technique helping adhestions.
> I am a bit skeptical about this stuff, however, I am open to other
> ideas.
> Any information would be great.
> Thanks
> Michelle

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