adhesions surronding the bladder and uv fold

From: TLC30X (
Thu Dec 16 22:11:33 2010

hello all..been in chronic pain for 18 months now since my last baby was born by c section. all started of with back pain thigh pain then i started to have loose stools (tmi) the pain started get worse in my tum my badder uretha my legs back stabbing burning stingin pains every day. so i started the doctor route to find out what was goin on what a long road thats been i had test after test x rays sigamosidty blood test smear test pelvic checks etc al one point they tried to put me on anti depressents which i refused. then i had a diagnostic laprascopy which discovered these adhesions around my bladder and uv fold . now i have been told i can have a laprascopic adheseoyisis (sp) but could cause trama to the bladder. im seeing my gyne in a few weeks to discuss further. i realy dont want to be in pain any more i take ibroufen every day atm and it hardy touches it. has anyone had this operation? and was it sucessfull? please share your stories and symtoms thankyou. t x

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