Need Doctor in Maryland

From: Karen (
Sun Dec 26 19:43:44 2010

I have had 9 abdominal surgeries including hysterectomy and cystectomy with urinary diversion. I had a pyloroplasty in May of 2010 during which the doctor found that the bottom of my stomach had been attached to my liver....the reason for the pain that I complained about for 4 years. I woke up from the surgery pain free (other than usual post-op stuff) and was eating and very active for 5 months. Suddenly one day the pain in the upper right abdomen started again and has not let up. I have been hospitalized 6 times and all of the GI docs say there is nothing they can do. Last set of docs said that the problem is probably adhesions but that no one would do anything about them unless they caused a total bowel obstruction. My life has fallen apart since mid-October and I can not believe that there is NO doctor that would be willing to help me with this. My insurance does not cover outside of Maryland.

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