Re: Denied SSDI Again!

From: Jennifer Brady (
Sat Sep 11 18:55:43 2010

That is sad. There is a major flaw in our social security services. You are not alone though. If majority of Dr.'s do not understand the amount of pain were in, then there isn't much hope for the judicial system to understand eaither. I know that ssi is given to people who are depressed. maybe you could go about it that way. There is nothing wrong with finding a loop hole to get the help you need, and I'm sure most of us struggle with depression. or at least struggle not to become depressed. It might help your case to print off all your emails from this website as well as other sites. Maybe if you present the judge with hundreds and thousands of cases of people admitting how horribly painfull adhesions are he/she might be a little more open minded. Good luck to you I pray you will get the help and answers you need soon

On 9/4/10, IAS Admin (Tracy) <> wrote: > Sender: (angela)
> Subject: Denied SSDI Again!
> Ok, here I go again on my 3rd appeal. Just received notification from
> Social Security that I have been denied. I don't get it! The Judge
> along with the so called medical expert did not even consider all the
> medical documentation from my medical providers or the many
> hospitalizations because of severe abdominal pain, intestinal
> obstructions & surgeries.I could not have expressed my symptoms & how
> this chronic condition has been so debilitating any clearer than I did
> before the Judge.I feel saddened that my cries for help have fallen of
> deaf ears but I know I must remain positive & continue to pray that the
> Lord will lead me a Physician who believes that ARD is real & will be
> able to help me.

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