Re: Denied SSDI Again!

From: Dawn (
Sat Sep 11 18:59:42 2010

Hello, I just wanted to reply to this post as I had my hearing before the ALJ today. My lawyer, with my help of course obtained every record possible so my file was literally at least 10 inches thick and believe it or not both the medical and vocational consultants both agreed that there is no work that I can do!! I was so suprised to har this as I have a masters degree, so my hearing only lasted 30 minutes and my lawyer said the decision should be in my favor! I am so over joyed I just can't possibly say how much! From what I could gather, it seems that since I have tried every treatment possible and the fact that chronic pelvic/abdominal pain was well documented and I had four of my docs, a psychologist and therapist all say I was not employable in letters that this helped. It seemed I met ssa's guidelines for chronic pain and ultimately I'd say that this is what got it for me. Well, I wish u all luck and if there is any help I can give please let me know. Dawn

On Sep 4, 2010, at 9:25 PM, "IAS Admin \(Tracy\)" <> wrote: From: (angela) Subject: Denied SSDI Again!

Ok, here I go again on my 3rd appeal. Just received notification from Social Security that I have been denied. I don't get it! The Judge along with the so called medical expert did not even consider all the medical documentation from my medical providers or the many hospitalizations because of severe abdominal pain, intestinal obstructions & surgeries.I could not have expressed my symptoms & how this chronic condition has been so debilitating any clearer than I did before the Judge.I feel saddened that my cries for help have fallen of deaf ears but I know I must remain positive & continue to pray that the Lord will lead me a Physician who believes that ARD is real & will be able to help me.

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